My speciality

   Jewish genealogy of Eastern Europe. Jewish migration. Emigration. Repatriation (Aliya).

   Genealogical expertise | Family tree | Genealogical research| Document search | DNA – genealogical research | Lithuanian roots trip

        Search lost relatives | Genealogical expertise for Israeli Court | Family book in Russian or Hebrew | Video family story | Learning in Russian or Hebrew

        Translations from Lithuanian to Russian or Hebrew and Russian-Hebrew-English

        I’m working in Russian, Hebrew, Lithuanian, Polish, Yiddish, English and more languages.


Genealogical expertise | Family tree | Genealogical research | Lost relatives search | Research of lost family brunches | Genealogical expertise for Israeli Court


I will help you to learn how to research, to build trees, to understand what sources of information there are, how to compare data and much more. It can be both individual and group training. This service is provided in Hebrew and Russian only.

DNA Analysis

DNA genealogy research - a DNA testing package that allows you to get information about your ancestors, as well as find relatives scattered around the world.

Documents search

Do you need documents to obtain citizenship of Lithuania, Poland or to prove your Jewishness? I will be glad to help you.

My stories

Real Estate Restitution

Eilona - Israel

Eilona approached me with a request to translate many documents from Polish, Russian and Hebrew into Lithuanian  – she is dealing with the issue of restitution of the numerous properties of her ancestors.


Gadi - Israel

Gadi  searched for his roots and traced the migration of his ancestors, spanning several countries. I found where and when exactly his paternal grandfather was born in Lithuania, what were the names of his siblings, their families, and also I helped him to find his grandfather’s lost family line in Israel.

Lost relatives search

Dmitry - Israel

Dmitry was looking for his grandmother’s cousins who left for Palestine in the early 1920s. I found the descendants of both brothers of his great-grandfather and the family was reunited 90 years later.

Obtaining Citizenship

Gil, Ziv, David and Shachar - Israel/UK

Gil approached me with a request to find his grandfather’s birth document, which was required for citizenship obtain. The necessary document was found in the archives of Zamosz in Poland. All of family members have already obtained Polish citizenship.

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Service types

v Genealogical expertise

v Family tree

v Genealogical research

v Documents search

v DNA-genealogical research

v Search of lost relative

v Search of lost family branch

Why choose me?

Experienced Researcher

I have been doing genealogy for over 30 years, during this time I have learned a lot, as in any job, experience is the main tool, possession of which gives real results.

Convenient service packages

Together we will choose what is convenient for you. There are several options from which you can choose.

Attentive approach

I will study all the details of your order, find the best way of research in your particular case.

What my clients say

We are very grateful to Simona for her help in finding the documents we needed in the archives of the Lublin region of Poland.
The documents she found allowed 5 members of our family to obtain citizenship of the State of Poland.
Gil Yahalom - Ramat Gan, Israel
I approached to Simona without any hope of luck, I was looking for my grandmother's family, about whom I knew only that they left for Palestine almost 100 years ago.
Simona not only found the lost loved ones, but also held tactful negotiations with them.
Dmitry - Beer Sheva, Israel
Simona approached me herself, and at first I treated her with distrust. Later it turned out that she found me as a result of research she did for Zvi, my relative from Israel.
We live in Australia and didn't know anything about him and his family.
Estelle D. - Melbourne, Australia

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